How to Use Meta Business Suite (Formerly Facebook Business Suite)

Businesses spend nearly 115 billion dollars on advertising across Meta (formerly Facebook) platforms. Why? Because it works! Plus, Meta offers great tools that make it easy to manage and track your business accounts. Are you having issues managing your Facebook and Instagram marketing needs? Failing to keep track of DMs and comments? Do the multiple

How 10 Brands Use Pinterest Idea Pins for Marketing

Back in 2021, Pinterest introduced a new feature called Idea Pins. Pinterest’s Idea Pins consist of videos or photos grouped together in a format similar to Instagram Stories. These pins appear in the Watch feed of the Pinterest app, almost like the For Your Page on TikTok. Idea Pins are also displayed in the Create section of a brand’s Pinterest profile.

Content Mapping 101: The Template You Need to Personalize Your Marketing

When prospects first come to your business page, they probably won’t just click and buy your offering immediately. They’ll most likely be searching through your site to learn more about it, gauge the level of trust people have in your company, and be on the lookout for resources to help them achieve their goals. You can create this experience by content mapping.

The chief hype officer

The chief marketing officer at a big company has an impossible job. The typical duration of a CMO is 18 months because once the CEO realizes that hype for money can’t solve their problems, they get restless. The problem lies in what people think “marketing” is. Marketing isn’t paying for ads, changing the logo or