When was the last time you used a compass?

How about an astrolabe? Or even a watch? Technology advances, and sooner or later, the old stuff gets left behind. It’s easy to romanticize some of the classic devices that we built civilization on, and it’s worth remembering that the tech we’re wrestling with now will soon be faded away, with some folks nostalgic for

6 Social Selling Tools to Consider

If you’re like many people, you’ve likely been tempted to impulsively buy a pull out your credit card for a product or service you saw in an Instagram Reel with an incredibly convenient link to shop. 

When the committee decides

They’re almost always conservative. Whether it’s a governmental body, the strategy group at a big company or the membership panel at the local country club, we can learn a lot by seeing what they approve and when they stall. Of course, each of us know a lot about our offering, the change we seek to