Novelty vs action

Nerds, geeks, early adopters: they do things because they’re fresh and new and might not work. They’re novel. Most people, though, hesitate in the face of novelty. Because novelty is risky. Shoes with goldfish in the heels. The latest techno-ska-punk track. The new kind of phone… The reason we haven’t taken systemic action is that

How Providing Video Transcripts Boosts Your SEO

Chances are, you already know the SEO basics. Researching keywords, optimizing your website, measuring the results, and tweaking your strategy are the fundamentals everyone should take to heart if they want to increase their leads and enhance their conversion rates. However, we aren’t discussing any of that today. Instead, I’ll explain how to use video

10 Expert Tips to Improve Lead Quality

Quality leads create more conversions.
But what exactly does “quality” mean when it comes to leads? Put simply, quality leads are those with a higher likelihood of moving down the sales funnel from awareness to interest to intent to conversion.