How to Do a Twitter Advanced Search in 2023

Twitter is one of the best online communication tools available today. It has become more than a mere social media platform. Today, it is considered more of an indispensable tool for gathering data. Did you know that… There are around 6,000 tweets posted every second 500 million+ tweets posted daily And, in a year, 200
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How long is forever?

And how soon is never? Most organizations are fundamentally incapable of planning ten years out. When a company promises to be carbon neutral by 2030, they’re actually saying that they may never be. That’s because almost all the pressures on them are short-term pressures. And it doesn’t help that few people expect to be in

Our dreaming opportunity

School and work push us to avoid real dreams. Dreamers are dangerous, impatient and unwilling to tolerate the status quo. Existing systems would prefer we simply fit in. The dreams we need to teach are the dreams of self-reliance and generosity. The only way for us to move forward is to encourage and amplify the

Stories, standards, and the point

What’s a car for? Transportation. With reliability. Status. A transaction with the bank. A transaction with the dealer. Your relationship with the neighbors. A statement about your style and belief in design. Your sense of quality. A statement about how you walk on this planet. What’s a job for? A way to pay the bills.

Protecting the sore spot

Everyone has one. It’s the part of ourselves we won’t look at, acknowledge or risk disturbing. It’s the story or trauma or situation that must be avoided at all costs. People will choose careers, families and opportunities simply to avoid confronting the little tiny voice that is hiding inside. And marketers with low standards will